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•Portable Genie® Super Series aerial work platforms are simple for one person to set up in minutes. A durable, lightweight design and compact size make them ideal personnel lifts for rental, light-duty construction and maintenance.
•These units roll through standard doorways and are simple to load in a pickup truck. An exclusive rocker base system maneuvers around corners and over thresholds and debris.
•The patented rigid mast system offers user comfort and stability at working heights of up to 46 ft 4 in (14.29 m). Other features include ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering for use in the event of a power outage.
•Outfit your lift for specific applications with options such as three bases and six platforms, as well as AC, DC and air-motor power options.

Standard Features
•Rocker Base System for manoeuvrability
•Ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
•Small outrigger footprints
•Easy loading in pickup trucks
•Doorway access
•Outrigger storage pockets
•Sturdy tie-downs

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