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ProductDescriptionProduct Height MaxSpec Sheet
GH-3.8Super-Hoist5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GH-5.6Super-Hoist5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GL-10Lifts0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
GL-12Lifts0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
GL-4Lifts0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
GL-8Lifts0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
Load LifterLoad-Lifter0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
SLA-10Superlift-Advantage0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
SLA-15Superlift-Advantage0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
SLA-20Superlift-Advantage5m(16ft) to 10m(32ftDownload
SLA-25Superlift-Advantage5m(16ft) to 10m(32ftDownload
SLA-5Superlift-Advantage0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
SLC-12Super-Contractor0m(0ft) to 5m(16ft)Download
SLC-18Super-Contractor5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
SLC-24Super-Contractor5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
ST-20 Super-Tower5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
ST-25Super-Tower5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download

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Material Lifts Lift, Position and Install With Ease As the first product Genie introduced when the company began in 1966, the Genie® Hoist “launched thousands of lifts.’ Today, Genie offers a complete line of portable, self-contained material lifts that are easy for one person to transport and use for a variety of light, heavy and specialized material lifting tasks. Applications include lifting items such as HVAC, electrical and building materials as well as appliances, computers, warehouse stock, stage lighting and sound equipment.

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