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ProductDescriptionProduct Height MaxSpec Sheet
GR-26JAerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
AWP-20S Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
AWP-25SAerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
AWP-30SAerial-Work-Platforms15m(49ft) to 20m(65ft)Download
AWP-36S Aerial-Work-Platforms15m(49ft) to 20m(65ft)Download
AWP-40SAerial-Work-Platforms15m(49ft) to 20m(65ft)Download
DPL-25SAerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
DPL-30SAerial-Work-Platforms10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
DPL-35SAerial-Work-Platforms10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GR-12Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GR-15Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GR-20Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GR-20J Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
IWP-20SAerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
IWP-25SAerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
IWP-30SAerial-Work-Platforms10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
QS-12Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
QS-15Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
QS-20Aerial-Work-Platforms5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download

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The Quickstock™ lift is designed to make your inventory picking faster, easier and safer than rolling stairs or manually propelled lifts. • Retail and Warehouse versions available • Compact dimensions: 75 cm wide and 1.35 m long • Dual side entry gates • Front folding tray • Driveable when fully elevated • Proportional lift and drive controls • Zero inside turning radius • Non-marking tyres • Maintenance free rigid steel hydraulic mast and steel platform Standard Features • Stockpicker platform with dual side entry gates and folding tray • Auxiliary platform lowering • Patented rigid mast system • fully proportional lift and drive controls • Onboard diagnostic system • AC power to platform • Dual wheel brakes • Hydraulic brake release • Pothole protection • Hinged rear ABS covers for easy access to all major electrical and hydraulic components

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