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ProductDescriptionProduct Height MaxSpec Sheet
GS-1532 Scissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-1932Scissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-2032 Scissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-2046Scissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-2646Scissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-2668DCScissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-2668RTScissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS-2669RTScissor-Lifts9.9 m (32 ft)Download
GS-3246Scissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GS-3246Scissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GS-3268DCScissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GS-3268RTScissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GS-3369RTScissor-Lifts11.96 m (39 ft)Download
GS-3384 RTScissor-Lifts12.06m(39ft)Download
GS-3384RTScissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GS-3390 RTScissor-Lifts12.06m(39ft)Download
GS-3390RTScissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download
GS-4069RTScissor-Lifts14.2 m (46 ft)Download
GS-4390 RT Scissor-Lifts15m(49ft) to 20m(65ft)Download
GS-5390RTScissor-Lifts15m(49ft) to 20m(65ft)Download
GS2632 Scissor-Lifts5m(16ft) to 10m(32ft)Download
GS3232Scissor-Lifts10m(32ft) to 15m(49ft)Download

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A stable, reliable and easy to operate lift with a built-in platform extension. • Easily pass through standard single or double doors. • Electric self-propelled scissors are ideal for indoor use with 2 operators onboard. The GS™-2032 unit offers outdoor functionality on firm, level surfaces, providing accessibility for a wide variety of applications (with one person onboard when used outside). • Low-emission electric scissors deliver a quiet, convenient method for operation in sound-sensitive environments like office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools and more. • Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces like congested construction sites, elevators and narrow aisles. • Standard solid non-marking tyres. • On-board diagnostics help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustments in the field to maximize uptime. Swing-out battery box and power module trays allow easy access to engine components for convenient service. Standard Features •39 in (1 m) rollout platform extension •Proportional controls for lift and drive functions •AC outlet to platform •Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration

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